Informational Restaurant Equipment Videos

This section features informational videos about restaurant equipment and supplies. Boston Showcase Company will consistently add new videos so be sure to be check back regularly.

Elkay EZH2O Bottle Filling Station

This video from Elkay shows their new EZH2O Bottle Filling Station, designed to work with both existing drinking fountains or by itself. EZH2O allows individuals to fill their own water bottles with filtered water, which reduces their carbon footprint by eliminating plastic bottle waste. As an Energy Star Partner, Boston Showcase Company is committed to providing products that are energy efficient and good for the environment.

Insinger VaporGuard System on Door Type Dishmachines

Insinger, a family owned and operated commpany based in Philadelphia, developed the VaporGuard system for door type dishmachines. This option enables users to eliminate a condensate hood, which may be too expensive or impossible to install at some locations. This video shows the system in action.

The Accu-Steam Griddle from AccuTemp Products

AccuTemp makes a complete line of Energy Star rated griddles, which use steam to evenly heat the cooking surface. This video offers a detailed look at this revolutionary product line.

Low-Flow Spray Valves from T&S Brass

This video, courtesy of T&S Brass, one of the worldwide leaders in plumbing supplies, explains the benefits of their low-flow spray valves. Not only are they energy efficient and reduce water usage, but they clean dishes faster! If you are thinking about "greening" your foodservice operation, this is a great way to start. By switching to a low-flow spray valve, you are also eligible for a $25 rebate from MassSave.

Testing a MagiKitch'n Charbroiler

Andrew Starr, Director of Sales and Marketing, brought two of his customers to the MagiKitch'n factory Concord, NH, to test a charbroiler. The customers were thrilled with the demo and purchased a 36" coal unit with a refrigerated base from True. Although radiant charbroilers are more common, the customer preferred the coal because the temperature is hotter and the the coal adds more flavor.