Equipment Layout & Design

Opening a restaurant or new foodservice operation is stressful...we can help with the equipment layout and design. 

Restaurant and foodservice equipment layout and design requires years of experience to understand the different pieces of equipment, local codes, mechanical, plumbing and electrical connections and correct operational flow. There are countless options and decisions to make. Our experienced team of Account Executives and Engineers will work intimately with you to understand your needs based on your size and menu to design a space that not only allows your chefs to cook the highest quality food, but also work in the most efficient manner. 

We welcome projects of all sizes, from a single piece of a equipment to a full-service restaurant/foodservice operation. 

View our Equipment Layout and Design Package

View our Equipment Layout and Design Package


Recent Equipment Layout and Design Projects

  • A&B Burgers- Boston, MA

  • AC Marriott- Aventura, FL

  • Chickadee- Boston, MA

  • Cliff House- Ogunquit, ME

  • Colette- Cambridge, MA

  • Davio's- Irvine, CA

  • Dumpling Daughter and Vester- Cambridge, MA

  • Ellie’s- Providence, RI

  • Fox & the Knife- Boston, MA

  • Gillette Stadium Player’s Dining- Foxborough, MA

  • Greco - Boston, MA

  • Longfellow- Cambridge, MA

  • New England Biolabs- Ipswich, MA

  • The Friendly Toast- Bedford, NH

  • Winchester Country Club- Winchester, MA

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to provide to initiate a preliminary design?
To start the design, we prefer to have spatial dimensions for the entire facility in an electronic file format (AutoCAD preferred or PDF with dimensions). In addition, owners should have a menu concept, which will help when selecting equipment.

What type of projects do you work on?
We welcome all types of equipment layout and design projects. Everything from a coffee kiosk to a 500-bed assisted living facility to a swanky downtown restaurant is in our wheelhouse.

Can I make changes to the design after I’ve signed the equipment contract?
Yes, we always expect some changes to be made and will review the final list several times with you. Once standard items have shipped from the factory or production of fabricated items has begun, there may be fees incurred.

What isn’t included in the equipment layout and design?
The equipment layout and design isn’t intended to replace architectural and engineering plans that are required by any city or town. Therefore, it doesn’t include architectural drawings and stamps, ADA compliance verification, emergency exit calculations, HVAC plans, construction documents, site condition plans, restaurant or foodservice permits.

Can I incorporate existing equipment into the design?
Absolutely! We’re happy to incorporate existing equipment or equipment purchased elsewhere into the layout. We’ll include icons on plans, note the items and list them as Not in Contract.

What if I choose to buy equipment elsewhere after the preliminary design is completed?
While our goal is to provide the equipment package after a preliminary design is complete, you may choose to purchase all or part of the equipment package elsewhere. If you do though, we’ll hang onto the deposit for our design/consultation services rendered.