As an Energy Star Partner, we're always steering our customers to equipment that reduces the impact on the environment. While there are some items that sacrifice performance, high efficiency, Energy Star rated fryers don't fall into that category. When you add built-in oil filtration as well, it becomes a win, win, win:

Environment: Less resources used
Customer: Higher quality food
Operator: Utility and oil savings

First off, we care about the environment. There are only so many resources in this world and we all have to do our part to reduce, reuse, and recycle, which high efficiency fryers do. 

Chefs who fry regularly and need a perfectly crisp french fry or crunchy piece of fried chicken may be questioning whether high efficiency fryers are a workhorse like traditional fryers. Make no mistake, they are! Having supplied hundreds of these models to customers in a variety of settings, none have ever expressed a concern over their ability to keep up. 

The food quality is superior as well for two reasons. First, with regular filtration, the oil is cleaner and free of debris and odors from other products. Second, heating elements react more quickly to the drop in oil temperature when cold product hits the pot. By maintaining the temperature, product cooks faster and is crispier and less greasy. Just think about the fries that get served at the local diner you've gone to for years that are seeping with oil. They aren't using a high efficiency fryer.

Pitco, one of the market leaders in fryers and based close by in Concord, NH estimates a payback period of 14 months for a high efficiency triple fryer battery compared to standard fryers. The utility savings is impressive at $653 annually but the oil savings using filtration are astronomical at $7,800. This doesn't factor in the rebates currently available from many utility providers of $1,000 per pot. Rebates are available on invoice from Boston Showcase Company depending on your provider. 

Vulcan Equipment is another manufacturer committed to Energy Star products including their Power Fry models (watch the video below). They have a nifty Savings Calculator on their website that you can use to assess your potential savings using a Power Fry model compared to others. You can explore all of their Energy Star products on our website as well.