Energy Star Equipment from Vulcan

Since 2009, Boston Showcase Company has been a certified Commercial Foodservice Provider of Energy Star equipment. Part of our commitment to environment means selling and specifying energy-saving equipment whenever possible. 

Here we highlight Energy Star equipment from one of our trusted partner manufacturers, Vulcan. Visit their sustainability page on their website for an overview or explore the page here. You can download detailed information on all Vulcan Energy Star equipment here.




Heated Holding Cabinets


Convection Ovens

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Vulcan Energy Star High Efficiency Fryers from Boston Showcase Company


Not only are high-efficiency fryers going to produce better quality food, you will save oil and reduce your utility costs in the process. Vulcan offers three lines of Energy Star-rated fryers that are all available as freestanding or in two, three and four battery setups. 

*Select Energy Star fryers from Vulcan qualify for an instant $1000 rebate from Boston Showcase Company for Eversource and NStar customers. 


ER Series Electric Fryers

PowerFry3 Series Gas Fryers

PowerFry5 Series Gas Fryers

VEG Gas Fryers

CEF Countertop Fryers



Vulcan's full range of heavy duty gas and electric commercial convection steamers deliver spectacular results with faster cooking times. Our convection and connectionless steamers feature super-heated steam for ultimate kitchen efficiency in your restaurant or commercial operation. Solid sheathed tubular elements within the oven transfer compound for even heat distribution so your food is cooked perfectly, every time.


C24E0 Series Boilerless Electric Steamers

Low Water Electric Steamers

Vulcan Energy Star Steamers from Boston Showcase Company

Vulcan Energy Star Heated Holding Cabinets from Boston Showcase Company

Heated Holding Cabinets

Designed to keep foods hot and delicious from cooking to serving. With quality features like energy-efficient cabinet design for quicker preheating and recovery times and rugged tubular steel frames, you'll find our Heated Holding Cabinets a valuable addition to your operation. With a blower motor for even heat distribution, you never have to worry about inconsistent results. The versatile unit can be used as a proofing cabinet or food warmer, and has a full-range thermostat for temperatures up to 190 degrees F.


VBP Series Proofing and Warming Cabinets

VPT Series Pass-Through/Heating and Holding Cabinets



A staple on the line, the griddle is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in a restaurant. Energy efficient with quick recovery times and even temperatures, the Vulcan Custom Chain Griddle (VCCG) is designed to make kitchens more profitable. The VCCG is a flexible griddle platform that may be customized to fit operator needs - choose from 3 plate options (Steel, Rapid Recovery™ or Chrome), 3 grease trough locations and 2 types of burners (IRX™ Infrared or atmospheric). 


VCCG Series Custom Chain Griddles

Vulcan Energy Star Griddles from Boston Showcase Company

Vulcan Energy Star Convection Ovens from Boston Showcase Company

Convection Ovens

The versatile performance you need for preparing a varied menu with consistently great results. With gentle air circulation and even heat distribution, these all-purpose commercial ovens produce delicious, evenly cooked casseroles, meats, vegetables and baked goods. They also save on restaurant operating costs with an energy-efficient heat recovery system.

*Select Energy Star convection ovens from Vulcan qualify for an instant $1000 rebate from Boston Showcase Company for Eversource and NStar customers.


SG Series Gas Convection Ovens

VC Series Electric Convection Ovens