Latest Products from Vollrath

Explore new products from Vollrath, one of the largest suppliers of smallwares, serving systems and light equipment in the foodservice industry. 


Conveyor Toasters & Ovens

Cheers to a new collection of conveyor toasters and ovens from Vollrath. No stranger to the kitchen, as the #1 rated restaurant supplier, we’re bringing an even more complete line of professional solutions to the table. From toast and bagels to pizza and toasted sandwiches, find out why the restaurant world has even more reason to celebrate.

Buffet & Tabletop

Discover a diverse range of innovative products that bring efficient, versatile functionality to buffet presentations and tabletop service. Whether it’s a large, casual function or an intimate, elegant event, you’ll find creative solutions for each setup, every day.

Here’s what you’ll find: A modular display system that sets up quickly and stows away neatly. Convenient and portable food serving solutions. Attractive pans and presentation cookware. Explore these and all the new and updated products for buffet and tabletop service.

kitchen smallwares

Chefs—and their staffs—are the creative artists of the kitchen, and we promote their passion with thoughtful designs and up-to-the-minute products that make work easy and more fun.

These new high-quality products add a bit of useful whimsy, reliable performance, durable materials and creative solutions. Like having the world’s finest sous chef, these tools are just what you need to fine-tune your work environment.

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A place for everything and everything in its place. We’re passionate about that and we’re sure it makes you just as happy. After all, it’s a key element of every successful food service business.

It’s taking care of every last detail that makes your operation run smoothly. That’s why you’ll love all the new space-saving dispensers and holders. Neatness, hygiene and eliminating waste are top of mind in these updated product lines.

Countertop Equipment

Today’s offerings of countertop equipment take preparation, cooking and serving to a whole new level.

From sleek, reliable induction warmers to frozen beverage machines, we offer the industry’s best products to keep you serving up your best

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Serving Systems & Components

Elevate your guest dining experience to a whole new level. These serving equipment products offer ingenious features and make a functional design statement. Durably constructed and easily maintained, they make a wise business investment.

As you know, the key to successful buffet lines is keeping things at the proper temperature—piping hot or chilled to perfection. These new offerings achieve that, plus they maintain a safe, sanitary environment and do it in style. It’s the peace of mind you’re seeking for your food service operation.